Johnny O has spent the last decade working in the print magazine world as the lead photographer, feature editor and contributing editor of several custom enthusiast publications such as Street Trucks Magazine, Sport Truck Magazine, Mini Truckin Magazine and Tailgate Magazine. He has spent those years refining the art of automotive photography down to a creative science and has an intuitive sense of location. The right spot for the right shot can make all of the difference.

Throughout the journey through the media world he has picked up a keen sense of production, deadlines and the satisfaction of creating a jaw dropping final product. Over the last year he has turned his attention to private companies like yours, who are in need of the highest quality images and a dramatic client presentation.

His authentic style is full of color, detail and amazing angles that make each photograph jump off the page. Taking the ordinary and turning it into extraordinary is a Johnny O trademark and is proven by his international acclaim. lil_square